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Tackling the Plumbing Side of Your Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling a bathroom offers the chance to update worn fixtures as well as refresh the space with new styles and finishes. When major changes are involved, such as moving or expanding the shower area, critical plumbing work is also required to accommodate the new layout. Planning this side of your bathroom overhaul thoroughly is a must before contractors start demolition. Here are key plumbing tasks you’ll likely need for your upcoming remodel:

Updating Supply Lines

When making structural changes, installing new bathtub or shower units, relocating plumbing fixtures to new spots, or adding additional water outlets - the existing supply piping in walls often can’t be reused as is. Evaluating the current layout to determine where new stub outs must be added or old lines need re-routing is the first step. This ensures adequate water supply to all new and moved plumbing components being installed.

Improving Drainage Flow

For remodeling jobs involving the shower or bathtub area, cast iron or outdated drain piping in the floor framework below usually needs replacing with modern PVC options sized correctly to handle proper drainage volume from multiple updated plumbing fixtures. Checking drainage flow rates is crucial so water empties completely without pooling.

Installing Updated Fixtures

Bathroom remodels allow for replacement of outdated or unsightly faucets, sinks, bathtubs and toilets with fresh new water efficient models featuring today’s popular finishes and styles. Hooking up modern supply valves and adjustable drainage assemblies is critical during fixture installation for leakproof operation and easy future access if needed for repairs.

The plumbing makeover portion of your bath remodel is intricate, spanning behind walls, below floors and tied intricately to the room’s new layout, fixtures and finishes. Working closely with professional plumbers during the planning process ensures your design vision regarding the scope of your bathroom upgrades can be fully achieved once demolition starts.

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