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Identifying and Fixing Plumbing Leaks

Leaks may seem harmless at first, but they can waste hundreds or even thousands of gallons of water over time. This results in higher water bills plus possible water damage if left unaddressed. Catching and fixing them quickly is key. Here’s help on how to locate and repair the most common household leaks.

Under the Sink Kitchen and bathroom sinks are prone to leaks due to frequent use and having multiple connections points. Check under your sinks for moisture or signs of water damage. Twisting hose connections, loose P-traps, cracked hoses, and deterioration of the drain flange seal can all cause water to escape. Try tightening fittings and clamps using pliers or a wrench first. Replace any worn rubber, cracked plastic piping, or rusted metal components next if needed to stop the drip permanently.

Faucets and Showers Once wear and tear sets in, the seals inside faucets and shower heads leak intermittently or constantly. It’s most noticeable when the faucet is turned off but you still hear water dripping. To stop it, first try unscrewing the faucet head and changing the rubber O-ring seal inside. For the shower, check the tub spout connection or shower arm/head joints. Replace aged washers, seals, valve seats, and water restrictors in either to halt escaping water.

Running Toilet Tanks Toilets that keep filling and flushing automatically have leaks - often due to a failing flush valve seal (flapper) inside the tank that should create a watertight seal over the flush valve drain. Lift the lid off the tank and check its condition first. Simply swapping in a new rubber flush valve seal typically remedies the problem. Make sure it creates a tight seal when the tank refills. Also check the water supply line valve connections at the bottom of the tank.

Hope this overview on tracking down and repairing some of the most common household plumbing leaks using washers, seals and other easy fixes helps! Contact a professional plumber for additional support stopping stubborn leaks or those in hard to access areas. Taking action quickly cuts water waste and prevents water damage around your home.

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