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DIY Plumbing Tips and When to Call a Pro

Handling minor plumbing issues on your own can save Jacksonville homeowners money and inconvenience. Leaky faucets, clogged drains, running toilets — these are some common problems many consider DIY plumbing tasks. But not all plumbing challenges are created equal. Major issues like slab leaks, sewer line clogs, or full drain replacements may require a licensed professional plumber to tackle, like those at Pure-Flo Plumbing.

Simple DIY Plumbing Tasks for Homeowners

Consider taking on the following plumbing fixes as do-it-yourself projects before calling for service:

  • Dripping Faucets - Replace worn washers or cartridges causing the drip. Just turn off water under the sink, disassemble the valve, and swap in new replacement washers that match your existing hardware.

  • Clogged Hand Sinks/Tubs - Try a plunger first to force out blockages. For additional pipe clearing, use a drain snake, baking soda/vinegar, or boiling water.

  • Sluggish Toilets - Plunge the toilet to clear most clogs yourself first before addressing any deeper blockages.

When DIY is Not Recommended

While convenient for minor issues, not all plumbing dilemmas are DIY friendly for the average homeowner. The following problems are best managed by licensed professionals:

  • Main Sewer Line Clogs - Heavy root invasion or collapsed pipes in underground sewer lines requires mechanical pipe clearing, sediment removal, or excavation.

  • Leaks in Walls or Foundations - Unexplained pools of water or mold on subfloors may signal burst pipes in crawl spaces or slab foundation leaks only a pro can pinpoint and repair.

  • Well/Main Water Line Problems - If your whole home water supply is disrupted, damaged pipes likely require qualified plumber diagnosis and replacement.

Seeking a Licensed Pro from the Start

Attempting extensive plumbing, drain, or sewer repairs without proper equipment or know-how creates serious injury and property damage risk. The convenience of DIY should never outweigh calling an insured and reputable plumbing company from the initial signs of trouble. Consider scheduling service with Jacksonville’s trusted Pure-Flo Plumbing professionals at the first indication of any major home plumbing issue. Certified techs have the skills and experience to rapidly diagnose problems and carefully execute all repairs for long-standing solutions.

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